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User-Centred Product Creation in Interactive Electronic Publishing

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"VNET5 Support for project CONTESSA (
Attend the VNET5 workshop, both a manager and a UI designer.
Ask for the validation planning procedure. Adapt it to your project's needs.
VNET5 could be the ideal partner, but coaching time per project is limited and after all You are responsible for usability!"

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Department of Management Science & Technology, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
"Within our project Minerva (MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorizing Activities in digitization;, it was a real pleasure working with the VNET5 project team in our activities related to user needs identification and definition of a quality framework for digital cultural applications.
VNET5 coaching was illuminating in a number of aspects: to help us focusing on the concept of Quality of Use, as opposed to system quality, to involve the proper cultural application stakeholders since the very beginning of our work, to create active focus groups and working groups for understanding user needs and refining the concept of quality, to design the validation process for our Quality Framework, and to plan our own coaching and support actions inside and outside the consortium (made of eleven Cultural Heritage European Ministries)."

Dott. Rossella Caffo, Minerva Project Coordinator
General Secretariat of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Responsible of Service VI - Informatics and Statistics
"Usability evaluation and the following workshop gave us very valuable insight into problematic areas and allowed us to improve the site in a team effort for the relaunch."
Jürg Dangel, Chief of the board of directors Swissguide