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User-Centred Product Creation in Interactive Electronic Publishing

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VNET5 members have access to the extensive resources supporting user-centred product creation. To get access, first simply join VNET5.

An introductory handbook of user-oriented product creation is available.


VNET5 workshops offer hands-on training in user-centred product creation including methods, tools and techniques for user-centred design.

VNET5 sessions provide VNET5 members the opportunity to exchange their experiences and to discuss specific questions about user validation.


VNET5 offers coaching for project teams to help develop competence for user validation. This is based on the project's needs and an assessment of maturity for user-centred product creation.

On-site coaching covers user validation planning, supervision of initial activities, and help with analysis and reporting. User validation clinics are held for project teams who have encountered problems in the course of user validation activities.