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User-Centred Product Creation in Interactive Electronic Publishing

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With VNET5 support interactive electronic publishing projects were able to adopt a high-quality user-oriented approach to product creation, and generate knowledge from user validation which guides this innovative domain towards applications which are attractive for users.

At the end of the project the VNET5 team demonstrated:

  • Measurable improvement of the maturity level of user validation in all interactive electronic publishing projects. All projects addressed have met the IST programme goal of implementing an effective user-centred approach.

  • A common approach to user validation planning adapted to the specific requirements in interactive electronic publishing has been documented. A positive attitude towards user involvement and user orientation has been nurtured, based on good understanding of the advantages on the business, societal and economic level. This common approach has facilitated cooperation, and is more cost-effective.

The descripton of generic user requirements for electronic information products and services relating to factors such as trust and confidence, privacy, protection and confidentiality is progressing. Development projects who are interested in participating in this activity please contact the hotline.